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Reading Well can help you cope with the pressures of life, feel better about yourself and boost your confidence using books.

The Reading Well books have been chosen by young people and health experts to help you with difficult feelings and experiences that can affect your wellbeing.

The books have information and advice as well as personal stories about dealing with feelings such as anxiety, depressions or stress and experiences such as bullying.

Look out for the books in your local library - they're free to borrow. Take one home today.

The books on the Reading Well list offer tips and ideas to help you understand and manage your emotions as well as cope with difficult situations.

Some of the recommended books suggest useful self-help techniques. There are also personal stories, graphic novels and fiction. Reading about other people's experiences and feelings can sometimes help you understand your own.

You can use the books on their onw, although self-help reading often works best with support from a health professional. Your doctor can advice you on the support that's available.

There are books for bullying, confidence and self-esteem, depression, mood swings, self-harm. OCD, stress, ADHD, Anxiety, Worry and Panic, Autism and Asperger Syndrome and Body Image and Eating Disorders.

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