Dru Yoga Class, Tarbolton


Dru Yoga can help reduce stress and tension, ease back pain and improve spinal health. Here's how...
With its soft, flowing movement, Dru Yoga is a gentle yet potent form of yoga.
Based on ancient yogic techniques and hatha postures, the Dru approach works with focused breathing to find your inner calm.
You'll be touching more than your toes!
Dru is for you: No matter what age, shape or size you are, you'll be able to do Dru Yoga.
It's suitable for beginners and we can teach many ways to do a yoga pose depending on your unique ability.
Please bring a mat, blanket and bottle of water.

Activity Information

  • Venue: Community Room, Tarbolton Community Campus
  • Price: £5
  • Price Includes: Guided class of stretches followed by relaxation
  • Advanced Booking Required: Yes
  • Age Range: 18+ (age 16-18 must be accompanied by adult)
  • Frequency: Closed for Elections
  • Accessibility: Wheelchair Friendly/Disabled Toilet/Parking
  • Transport Info: Stagecoach Buses 43 and 343
  • Joining / Referral Method: Self Referral

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