Anchor Section 1st Dundonald Boys Brigade


Come along for Christian Fellowship, crafts, games, eg. parachutes, team games, tail tag, obstacle races. We go on outings including - crafts, Pirate Pete's, Uncle Billy (entertainer).

Activity Information

  • Venue: Dundonald Church Hall
  • Price: £25 Joining, £1 Weekly
  • Price Includes: Joining fees, capitation fees, insurance
  • Advanced Booking Required: No
  • Age Range: Boys 5-7 years
  • Frequency: Closed School Holidays
  • Accessibility: Wheelchair Friendly/Disabled Toilet/Parking
  • Transport Info: Stagecaoch Bus 10 Stagecoach Bus 110 (after 8pm)
  • Joining / Referral Method: Self Referral

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