Brick Flicks: See classic movies in LEGO® bricks (30/01/18 - 22/02/18)


Tuesday 30 January

Where: The McKechnie Institute, Dalrymple Street, Girvan KA26 9AE
When: Tuesday 30 January 2018 at View all dates

Brick Flicks is an exhibition of some of the most iconic and memorable film moments of all time recreated by Warren Elsmore, the well-known artist in LEGO® bricks. Each familiar scene has been carefully photographed to mimic the staging and lighting of the original movie, but with the scenery, actors and actresses recreated with everyone`s favourite building blocks. How many can you recognise – without reading the captions?

Please note there is a Glasgow University Art Class on in the Old Library Gallery at the McKechnie, every Wednesday from 2pm - 4pm, and so access to this Gallery is limited during that time.

This event takes place on the following dates:
30/01/2018, 31/01/2018, 01/02/2018, 02/02/2018, 03/02/2018, 06/02/2018, 07/02/2018, 08/02/2018, 09/02/2018, 10/02/2018, 13/02/2018, 14/02/2018, 15/02/2018, 16/02/2018, 17/02/2018, 20/02/2018, 21/02/2018, 22/02/2018

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